SEO Web Optimization Tips

SEO Web Optimization Tips

One of the best SEO web optimization tips that can be given is to improve the quality of backlinks for a business rather than the quantity of links. Authority is what gets rewarded by Google. A link building campaign that doesn’t have many quality links is deemed to have no value added and thus does not get rewarded to any degree.

link building guideGoogle actually calls that spam and will more than likely punish a company if they try to deceive it’s algorithm. I’ve noticed in the first part of 2015 that the bulk of the SEO companies on the web offering backlinks building services are still thinking prior to the latest Google Panda and Penguin updates of 2014.

You cannot trust these companies because you eventually will get found out by Google and harshly punished by dropping out of site when it comes to potential clients searching for your keywords. I’ve seen websites that have been around for 10+ years drop from Page #1 to Page #10 or far worse in the search engine results (SERP).

So don’t spam, don’t create links falsely that don’t add value to your own website.

If you have a pizza shop for instance, make sure all the links that get created, and that point back to your pizza website, are related to pizza or the food industry somehow. If you do practice this “SEO Best Practices” technique, you will get rewarded and will eventually find yourself ahead of your nearest competition for your market and keywords.

Below are some SEO Web Optimization Tips that may help you stay ahead of the pack.


How do I get high quality backlinks that work?

  • Get links from related sites to build Page Rank and domain authority. It helps to get links from high Google Page Rank pages on the web especially if they are from authority websites like EDU and GOV.
  • Try and get links from authority websites within your market / niche. This can be from social media sites, hubs, articles on other related websites, etc., where the articles are about your industry.
  • Check out the link building practices of your competitors. See how and where they backlinks come from.  Don’t build links because you need backlinks, build them with quality and longevity in mind, Google will reward you for it!
  • Join as many social networks as you can to build an audience in order to get your content noticed by as many people as possible.
  • Focus again on authority backlink building best practices and techniques. Try to avoid unnatural links to sites that have nothing to do with your industry. There is a lot of help out there from SEO experts and Google Webmaster Tools itself.
  • Don’t send out emails begging for links. Create an article and of course email the link out to industry experts and hopefully they will include the link on their website as a natural source of content.
  • Get involved in your industry and help as many people as you can. You will be seen as an industry expert in your field and get reward with more traffic back to your website, backlinks to your products and services, and end up ahead of your competitions for your main keywords in search results.
  • Automated link building software or companies are a definite no no! Google will see this as unnatural link building, not organic, and you will not be given points in their algorithm and may even  be punished for such practices.
  • Outsourcing backlink building in 2015 is something to stay away from.
  • If you want links back to your website speak to a local SEO link building expert in Canada. There may be several digital marketing experts in your local Halifax Nova Scotia area, so do an online search and you may find an SEO partner that is experienced and will get you the results you seek.
  • Start with a simple Google search for “seo halifax” or “web optimization halifax” and you are sure to find a local SEO agency in Halifax to work with. Hopefully these SEO web optimization tips have been helpful. Good luck in your next link building and marketing venture!


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