5 Benefits of Customer Testimonials

customer testimonials

5 Benefits of Customer Testimonials

Here are 5 benefits of customer testimonials that all business owners and tourism operators in Halifax Nova Scotia should follow.

Marketing in Nova Scotia is more than merely presenting product features visually appealing. It has evolved into an open conversation between the brand and its target audience.

Because of the abundance of eCommerce brands selling same items or services, every informed customer seeks reliable information to make an informed purchasing decision.

Emotions play a role in decision-making. Customer testimonies help you connect emotionally with your audience. Customer testimonials offer the advantage of increasing trust in and reputation for your business by allowing customers to discuss their interactions with your products.

1) Active Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Many customers enjoy sharing their purchases with their friends, family, and coworkers. Genuine client feedback demonstrates that your offering is not just genuine, but also impactful. A combination of authenticity, honesty, transparency, and dependability influences customers’ words about your brand.

Existing customers will act as brand ambassadors, and positive word-of-mouth (WOM) about your company will assist in the acquisition of new customers. Furthermore, when you publish client testimonials on your website, other people who are related to your customers will read them as well.

This has the potential to raise not only the number of visits to your website, but also to help you make more revenue.

It greatly help your brand’s acquisition of new customers, conversion rates, and, most crucially, brand authority. Include customer reviews on your website and social media channels to get the most out of your WOM marketing strategy.

2) Dependability And Credibility

If a buyer does not know anyone who has purchased the goods under consideration, they are more inclined than a friend or family member to believe the testimonies.

Customers respect testimonials, because they are a sign of proven trust, just as much as personal counsel.

Displaying video testimonials can help you improve your reputation. Video testimonials have the added benefit of being interesting. Customer testimonials in video format excite the viewer’s interest, arouse emotions, and demand action.

3) Loyal Customers

You’ve almost certainly bought and used a product or service that exceeded your expectations at some point in your life. You were so delighted with the experience that you posted comments thanking the brand for their help.

Did they inquire if they may publish your comments on their website?

Didn’t saying yes make you feel good?

You were probably flattered and grateful that they wanted to feature your letter on their website. A testimonial strengthens the consumer’s emotional connection to the brand. Consider this a result of making each of your customers feel important.

It is not about collecting a great number of testimonials; rather, it is about making those who admire you feel valued. This is how you turn grateful customers into ardent supporters. Customers who are pleased will recommend you to others.

4) Greater Participation

Even the most dubious visitors can be persuaded by an exceptional testimonial that your product or service can make a difference in their life. It demonstrates to your visitors that your offering is more than simply a gimmick and that your ultimate goal is to help them.

After all helping customers make a decision that helps them buy a product or service is what business is all about in Canada. This is all part of a great UX (user experience)! A great customer experience and how SEO friendly your website is can’t hurt either right?

If you show Google Reviews or Facebook Reviews on your website or any social media channels, it can only enhance user interaction and trust with your brand. It usually reduces the bounce rate and, in some situations, the cart abandonment rate.

5) The Conversion Rate Has Risen

According to research conducted in 2022, 98% of respondents look at ratings for local businesses. Furthermore, 89% of consumers said they are more likely to use the services of a company that responds to both positive and negative reviews.

Client testimonials, as a result, have a direct impact on business growth and ROI. Furthermore, the purchasing decisions of your target audience are influenced by both logic and emotion, and testimonial films can address both.

Every testimonial or Google Reviews is a story about a consumer (the hero) who chooses your company to solve a problem and eventually finds a solution. A happy customer’s face appeals to the emotional side, while describing the high ROI your service provided appeals to the rational and sensible side.


Use client testimonials on your website or social media channel to help your business thrive. Customer testimonials like Google Reviews or Facebook Reviews provide numerous benefits, such as word-of-mouth marketing, free promotion, increased brand reputation, higher conversion rates, and many more.

Nothing better for a brand then citations, mentions and reviews for a small business in Nova Scotia. It’s like getting a vote of trust for your product or service.

It is easy to ask for Google Reviews from your customers by logging into your Google My Business account online and simply sharing the “ask for Google Review” link with your customers.

When someone leaves a Google Review it will show up your Google My Business Account (Google Maps) under the Reviews tab. Google Reviews can really help with SEO Services for your Halifax business! The more review you get the higher your page rank will be on Google.

Feel free to reach out to Halifax Web Design if you are looking for more information regarding how to get start with customer reviews. citations, social media marketing, or digital marketing in Nova Scotia.

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