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Digital Marketing

If you are looking Digital Marketing Services in Halifax, NS we are experienced at marketing in all types of platforms including social media, newsletter campaigns, and PPC to name a few.

Contact Halifax Web Design for a no hassle quote support@halifaxwebsolutions.com | 902-304-1302

Halifax Web Design & Digital Marketing Services is one of the most affordable and experienced web design companies in the Province of Nova Scotia.

Whether you own a business, a restaurant, a cleaning company or are in the tourism sector, we will help you market you business locally so that you see an increase in website traffic and sales online.

We have a dedicated team of web developers and marketing professionals that do this for a living each and every day. We have worked with hundreds of local businesses and tourism operators in Halifax, NS  in the last dozen years and are here to help you as well.

Reach out now with and questions 1-888-736-2382 or shoot us an email and we’d be happy to get back to you within 24 hours.

Content Creation

Our digital marketing team are content creation experts in Halifax NS and work with local businesses who are looking for a way to build their brand online in order to attract new customers, build an audience, and get the quick results they are looking for.

Some of our clients are far too busy for creating content for their websites and social media channels, so that’s where we come in. We will create and manage all your content and market it in a variety of top social channels to boost website traffic, leads, and sales for your business.

As part of any SEO or Digital Marketing package we  will create all new content for the individual pages on your website, blog posts, and social media posts. All this new content will then get shared on top social, press release, Web 2.0, and article directories to get top rankings from Google and other major search engines.

This regular creation of content will show Google that there is measurable activity on your website and that your business is an authority in your market. Your website will then be rewarded with a higher page rank based on your keywords as a result.

So due diligence is the key here. We don’t stop creating content, backlinks, or sharing your products and services online so that you will end up on page #1 of Google for your keywords!

Let us know if you with to discuss digital marketing or article writing and we’d be happy to discuss.

Social Media Marketing

We will also connect your site to your social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube to gain more website traffic and to boost your business by sharing content, posts, and articles with the world. Check out our recent Halifax social media article on Manta.

We will help you increase your Facebook likes / fans and Twitter followers by integrating your social networking accounts right on your website. You will be able to display recent tweets as well as show your Facebook fans activity right on the front page. Facebook analysis tell the tail. They show where your fans come from, what their interests are and this will help if you want to put together a Facebook Ads promotional campaign. We can help you set the budget and bring more fans in to like your Facebook page or bring more traffic to your website right from the Facebook Ad. Either way, your business benefits!

This will allow your visitors to share your content on their Facebook pages, Twitter pages, LinkedIn pages, Instagram accounts, as well as various other platforms. Improve your page rank each month on Google with an SEO Subscription. If you want someone to manage your Facebook page and monitor fan interaction, messages, comments, posts, etc. than we’d be happy to offer you just a social media marketing package starting at just $197/mo for that service only if that’s something you’d be interested in.

Reputation Management & Branding

Reputation Management and Branding are two of the elite web services that we encourage our busier clients to carefully consider. One bad review can take your overall review average down and that won’t look good to new visitors to your social media pages.

If someone gives you a 1/5 stars because you failed to respond to them within 24 hours, trust me, they will give you a bad review. If you don’t have time or don’t have a person on your staff that can handle this, that is where Halifax Web Design comes in. We have a full social media services person on staff that can do the job for you!

Branding simple means matching all your logos, banners, website theme with that of your social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc, business cards, and store front signs, It’s more professional when all your web properties are synced up to look the same, very professional!

SEO Services

If you need updates throughout the year following the initial design, we will be happy to continue working with you and building a solid relationship so that you may continue to get website traffic, leads, and sales through an SEO Services package.

We will provide you with a professionally designed website as well as optimizing your web pages for SEO with header tags, image tags, article anchor text, and properly written content with your keywords in mind.  

Increase your page rank to Page #1 of Google for your company’s keywords and market. We can get it done. Contact us for more information regarding a free SEO analysis.

Internet Marketing | Digital Marketing

Internet marketing or digital marketing as some like to call it, is one of the most effective marketing strategies on the web.

Whether you want to build a larger client list to sell your products or services, or target a specific group of customers on the web, internet marketing is a great way of promoting your brand and building customer loyalty. Halifax Web Design Services will figure out our main keywords and market, who your main competition is, and where you currently place in major search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

You want to get more leads and increase revenue right? Well lets work together to figure out what is required to make you a success online in Nova Scotia. Our SEO packages are a great place to start! Our internet marketing campaigns and SEO Services will boost your website rank for your specific set of keywords and ensure top ranking on Google.

Contact us to find out more about digital marketing services in Halifax Nova Scotia.

Email Marketing (MailChimp Newsletters)

By putting together a monthly newsletter campaign you can promotion your products or services to a growing audience who have signed up on your website by sharing their name and email address. Newsletter grow your business to a targeted audience who have opted in to get your newsletter updates each month.

If you have a weekly or monthly special that you want to promote, then send out a newsletter to promote it to your list on MailChimp. These type of newsletter services are free if your list is under 2000 subscribers.

Full Google Partner

Halifax Web Design company is a full Google Partner working directly with Google Webmaster Tools, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google sitemap, Google Places, and Google reCaptcha Services in order to ensure visibility and the highest possible indexing on Google.

By working with Google, all your content, articles, and pages get submitted for indexing right away. Normally you will have to wait weeks for Google spiders to find your site and then index. By working with Halifax Website Design you get the benefit of working with one of the fastest ranking companies in Nova Scotia. Our copywriters know what Google is looking for in it’s latest Algorithm as well as Panda and Penguin updates.

Analytics and Reporting

We offer SEO reports, Hootsuite reports, and Google Analytics reports for all our clients Web Management Plans and SEO Subscription Plans.

It is important for our clients to understand just where, when, and how much traffic is coming to their websites and social media channels. In this way, analytics and reporting can help with future campaigns and promotions for products and services.

Any Halifax business wishing to do business on the internet should be working with a local web designer who provides this type of reporting. We can send you monthly analytic reports from Google, show you the amount of visitors that have checked out your website pages each month, and tell you where they came from, whether it was from an organic Google search or another social media page. We can also tell you if they got there by using a computer or mobile device.

Learn more about Google Analytics and monthly SEO reporting by contacting support@halifaxwebsolutions.com

Website Security / SSL Certs

Sadly, with all the hacking and malware on the internet these days, we’ve started asking our web design customers if they want to install an SSL Cert on their sites. A professional COMMODO SSL Cert will be installed on your website at a low cost of roughly $97/year. It will be added in with your yearly web hosting bill to make things easier.

WordFence Plugin is installed on all websites that we host. This blocks attackers from a variety of access points on the web server including forms, images, content injections, and WordPress login attempts.

WP-Firewall Plugin is a high level firewall plugin designed by WordPress to keep attackers at bay.

Aksimet plugin filters out all spam and bot attempts at sending spam email from the contact page on your website.

Other Web Design Services Required?

  • Startup Web Design Services
  • GUI Design (Unique Photoshop PSD to HTML Design, wire-frames, logos, banners, sliders, custom backgrounds, favicons)
  • Graphic design
  • Print Design (ball caps, guitar picks, business cards, popups, signs, tshirt logos)
  • Mascot Design (character or mascot design for your company brand)
  • Social Share Widgets (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc)
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Video Testimonials (to promote brand and reputation)
  • Website Maintenance (If you are too busy to manage your site grab our monthly web maintenance package $97/mo)
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web Hosting (Use our hosting services, or use your own hosting account)
  • Website management Services (CMS Web updates, plugin updates, security updates, MySQL/Database development, content writing, mobile css, social sharing)