How To Improve your Halifax Web Design Pagerank

How To Improve your Halifax Web Design Pagerank

Have you recently checked your local Halifax page rank on Google?  If you want to optimize your site and make it search engine friendly,  listen up!  One tip is to use Google’s PageRank Checker and this will show you how you fair out and who your competition actually is.

Google will provide you with SERP results and a score of 1 – 10 (10 being best).  If your website rates on the low end, you will want to make a few changes to improve your overall Pagerank! If your site rates low then you might be following some practices that affect your page rank in a negative way.

Here are some ways to improve your Page-rank on Google:

  1. Include your most important keywords in your post title.  A post title should not be too long so take heed.  Too many characters may be mistaken for spam so use proper English and flow when writing an article.  A post title should be short and informative like “affordable web design company Halifax
  2. The text should include your keywords?  If your title or article does not include lots of main keywords, then you may be in trouble.  Try to use similar keywords and not all keywords should be the same throughout your article. Change it up and try using some different long-tail keywords. Don’t forget to use keywords in your the title of your post as well as in headers, image alt tags, and don’t forget about anchor text and links.
  3. Create a profile of backlinks.  Backlinks are links that point back to your website.  Use social media accounts like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to create backlinks to your website.  Make sure you website or blog has lots of relevant content and useful information for your views.  Another way to get your website link out there is to write good comments on other high ranking websites. This is a form of free advertising so it’s your duty to take advantage of it.  Also publish your posts in all types of social networks (the most important being Google+).  Join social media networks, blogs, forums, Facebook groups, Facebook pages, and any communities where you can share your message and backlinks with people from similar backgrounds.  Also you can contribute to other blogs and websites by being a guest blogger.
  4. Don’t duplicate content. Google will slap you on the wrist and punish you by knocking down your site’s page rank.
  5. Don’t forget how important a sitemap is. Submit a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools as well as other search engines and directories so you site and it’s page will get found in SERP (search engine results pages).
  6. Make sure you sites flows and is designed well!  If it is it will load fast and keep users on your site longer to check out your products or services.  You may need to improve load time so check your graphics. Re-size your graphics so that the resolution is not too high. High resolution photos are large file formats.

 Need Professional SEO Services in Halifax?

SEO services in Halifax NSWith millions of users searching for products and services online each day, it is necessary for your business to get indexed properly and to be found by your local Halifax clients.

Simply building a website will not alone bring traffic. You need to build a solid footprint and get quality backlinks with high pagerank.

It is essential that your website take advantage of the latest search engine optimization techniques and tools that Halifax Web Design services has to offer.  As a result, your clients will find you when they search for your keywords. To be truthful, there are only ten spots available on page one, so if they are not finding you, they are finding the competition.


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  1. Same as in the rest of Canada Matt! I recently got in touch with a local social media expert who explained a few things about Google changing their Penguin algorithm back in Oct 2013. Check their page out here..

    *Recent Google updates can be seen here.. http://moz.com/google-algorithm-change

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  2. The only way to rank high these days in 2014 is to get relevant edu high ranking backlinks. This will help in validating your website and allowing it to get indexed and ranked higher. Also solid original content will help! cheers!!

  3. How To Improve your Halifax Web Design Pagerank | Halifax Web Design, SEO and Social Media Marketing Services
    Get with the program and start building solid authority backlinks for targeted seo traffic in Canada

  4. Hello.. fantastic website… I am wondering if you can put together a website re-design soon and possibly offer me SEO services in Halifax as well? I am into aerial video capture services and use drone video capture and need to get optimized for this services in the search engines. Can you improve my pagerank? Thanks!

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