Hire a professional SEO Consultant

Local SEO Services Consultant Halifax

Hire a professional SEO Consultant

You need to hire a professional SEO consultant, and here’s why.

To the uninformed layperson, who may be too busy to keep up with web technology, there is a whole sphere of online need-to-knows out there, that’s if you wish to be successful in business.

SEO can certainly seem daunting at times. Getting started may be confusing to some but in order to get those website leads you need tons of traffic.

That’s where an SEO consultant comes in. There are many competitors in your area looking to compete for the same keywords in the same niche (market).

Trust me, it’s better to hire someone with years of experience and a proven track record that to start off learning many new skills like article writing, HTML, PHP, database, SEO keyword strategy, etc. You have to acquire many new skills, and what normal business person has that much time or patience anyway.

Hire A Local SEO Consultant

local SEO HalifaxSo the best advice I can give as a web developer and SEO consultant with over 16 years of experience in the biz, is to cut your losses and hire a local SEO consultant.

It will be cheaper to pay like $97/month in the long run and have your website land on page #1 of Google than bang your head in frustration trying to drum up business in newspaper ads, radio spots, and Google Adwords.

By the way, the website traffic disappears as soon as you stop paying Google Adwords. Didn’t know that? A lot of people don’t. This is why a web optimization consultant will get your “organic” results which are basically permanent listings and are not paid Google Adwords Ads.

So if you don’t have time to handle all this extra web work yourself, you’re better off hiring an SEO expert on a monthly contract (which are usually more affordable than hiring a full time web developer).

Important On-Site Optimization Steps

  • Try re-designing your website
  • Build a blog
  • Add new content
  • Create and update your sitemap
  • Make sure you site has regular activity
  • Implement title tags, meta tags, video tags, and image tags
  • Check for bad code or 404 errors
  • Improve site speed
  • Improving security with reCaptcha services
  • Add keywords to articles and titles
  • Use inter-linking and backlink to your articles and social media channels
  • Use social media sharing to build a target audience
  • Get citations from various sources

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Other than these tips there is a pretty complete web checklist of web design and SEO best practices to ensure you end up in the top search results on Google as well as other major search engines.

You’ll want to create a Google Webmaster Tools account and login on a regular basis to check your sitemap and any other crawl errors or issues like improper and dead links.

Develop Regular Content

Content development is very important to the life of your site. Regular activity and regular content building like adding articles and video testimonials, will keep you alive in the search engines and if done properly, will ensure you top search engine listings.

Try to make regular posts at least once per week, if not more often. Seriously, this many seem like a lot of work, but to a professional SEO consultant, this is all part of the job.

Don’t forget to install a Google Analytics plugin to properly measure the amount of traffic coming to certain parts of your site. You can export reports out to Excel sheets and save them locally on your computer to show to other team members, if required.

Quick SEO Results

If you want top SEO results, ones that are accurate and how improvement from month to month as far as search engine rankings go, then you will want to hire a professional SEO consultant or local SEO agency.

A professional SEO company in Halifax NS will give you a free SEO analysis to let you know where you stand in the competitive landscape and how long it will get to the top of the search engines.

It will pay off in the long run by working with an experienced digital marketing company in Nova Scotia!

The more money and time you invest the better the SEO results in the end. Your SEO reports should show an increase in website traffic as well as first time visitors, where they are located, and how did they get to your website.

Did they come from social media channels or did they do a Google search for your keywords and land on your site “organically”? These are all important factors when analyzing SEO reports and Insights.

The ultimate goal in the end if to increase revenue. So the best way to do this is by hiring a professional SEO company in Halifax, one that can get you timely results and improve your page rank and sales.