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Time To Redesign Your Website

If Business Has Been a Little Slow Lately, It May Be Time To Redesign Your Website! You need to set this goal at the top of your to-do list and stop the bleeding. Website are forever changing just as technology … Continued

Website Design Company Halifax NS

If you are looking for a website design company in Halifax NS, then you are in luck! Halifax Web Solutions has been in business for over 15+ years and has many old and new clients right across Halifax as well … Continued

Hire a professional SEO Consultant

You need to hire a professional SEO consultant, and here’s why. To the uninformed layperson, who may be too busy to keep up with web technology, there is a whole sphere of online need-to-knows out there, that’s if you wish … Continued

Building A Great Looking Website

A successful way to keep visitors on your website is by paying attention to detail and ultimately building a great looking website! 80% of people who will visit your website will spend most of their time above the fold (that … Continued

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) procedures and tricks

We at Halifax Web Design Solutions understand that your business is unique and will make your services unique to your customers. This is why our unique SEO (Search  Engine Optimization) Services will be customized in a manner to suit your business needs and budget. For effective results, … Continued

Why is SEO important?

Having a website without SEO is having website not at all. In other words, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on an incredible website is like a tumbleweed blowing thru the desert if no one can find it!

Quality Authority Backlinks Are Best To Rank Your Website High

What’s the best way to rank for SEO these days? Well it’s actually still backlinks, but high authority backlinks like the ones you get from placing comments on .edu and .gov sites. Google loves these kind of links and if … Continued

Improved Google Rankings for Honest Companies in 2014

Google’s Panda and Penguin updates were aimed at one thin,  improving the experience of Google search engine users. Panda and Penguin gave clear signals on the shift to content and relevancy and the removal of “black hat” strategies. Google began giving … Continued

The Changing Face of SEO in 2014

In 2014, trying to beat your competitors for your keywords and still trying to rank your website high, may be challenging. One this hasn’t changed; you still need quality authority backlinks from existing sites back to yours, as well as quality content with anchor text.

Six Ways to Improve your Page Rank SEO

Improve your website’s page rank on major search engines! Follow these suggestions and watch your website’s page-rank rise to the top of Google’s SERP results in Halifax and applies to basically anywhere in Canada or the USA.  Google is by … Continued

Moose Falling on Face Video

Listen to the background commentary! CLICK “LIKE” if you like this video. Post by Halifax Web Design. At last count there were over 209,684 hits for this video on Youtube and no signs of slowing down. This started off as … Continued

10 Tips to Create engaging Facebook Page Posts

Here are some tips on how to create great Facebook Page posts to increase user engagement and improve your chances of being shown in the News Feed. The most frequently visited websites on the Internet are social networking sites like … Continued

Free Social Media eBooks

Social media is the blending of technology and social connections for the purpose of communicating with present and future fans and clients. Knowing how to use social media is an essential 21st century skill that you can acquire with our … Continued

Halifax Web Design Can Create a Stunning Website for You in Three Days

How? There are no set rules about how companies can achieve such milestone except speed with quality. Halifax Web Design is the ideal company you ought to work with when it comes to speedy solutions for your web problems. But … Continued

Top 100 WordPress Resources, Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

Credit: This is a re-post of an existing article posted first on November 27, 2012 by Matt. Edited by Jimmy Atkinson. WordPress is by far the most common blogging platform online. It powers 22% of sites on the Internet; no other content management system … Continued

Halifax Website Design Company

If you are looking for a website design company in Halifax, Nova Scotia, you have come to the right spot. We make your web design campaign easy. Just contact us at to get started. We have designed websites for … Continued

Halifax Web Design SEO

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Halifax Web Solutions is a Nova Scotia Company offering services in Web Design, SEO, and Social Marketing. We focus on supplying only the best quality web sites for our clients so they can gain more trust, traffic, and exposure on … Continued

Halifax Web Design Social Media

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Halifax Web Design Solutions is a leading Web Design, SEO, and Social Media Company in Nova Scotia offering strategic Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization solutions. Let our experienced team of Web Development and Social Media Marketing Professionals help you … Continued